• With Azak Logistics, you need only to care about loading, driving, unloading, and going home to your family. That’s it! We take care of everything else.
  • We provide and maintain the money & work flow to you.
  • No need to hire somebody to do the work, bother yourself with payroll, payroll taxes, employee management, software subscriptions, extra business expenses, unemployment insurance, employee health insurance premiums to pay, freight negotiation, office expenses, broker credit checks, paperwork management, communication between you and the Brokers and Shippers, etc.
  • In short, you save valuable time and lots of money!!

All 48 mainland states of the United States of America.

For now, we specialize in Dry van, Flat bed, and Step deck. However, if you have needs for dispatching services for other types of trailers, contact us and we’ll see how we can assist you! NOTE: We do not offer dispatching services for hotshots, power only, and straight trucks.

Directly through our extensive Network of Brokers and Shippers all across the United States and through load boards.

We’ll need you to provide us with the following:

  • our Dispatcher-Carrier Service Agreement signed and filled, including Appendixes A, B, and C (sent to you via email)
  • Current & active proof of insurance certificate
  • US DOT# & MC# authority acceptance document

In order to maximize efficiency and top-quality service to you, Carriers, our Dispatchers each manage a maximum of 4-6 trucks.

Essentially, a factoring company advances payment due to you, the Carrier, by the Shipper/Broker for each load successfully delivered.

By using their services, you generally get payment deposited directly into your bank account within 24-48 hours after each successfully delivered load. The fee charged for that outstanding service is, on average, 2% of the load gross.

However, OTR Capital, the best factoring company in America which works closely with Azak Logistics, offers you discounts and offers on their services when you sign up with them!

Contact us for more info!

We understand all too well the high costs involved with operating a trucking company and how stressful a cash shortage can be! Therefore, you need not worry anymore about that.

Azak Logistics and OTR Capital offer you the best turnkey solution you can get, that is, our complete dispatching services and their quick payment solution!

Absolutely. Please contact us so we can discuss your dispatching need(s) and provide you with a personalized solution.