About Us


Our Azak Logistics mission is to create comfortable life for CARRIERS and OWN OPERATORS all across the United States and Canada by providing them with outstanding TRUCK DISPATCH SERVICES, such as LOAD FINDING AND BOOKING, PAPERWORK filling and management from start to finish, NEGOTIATION services directly with the shippers and brokers, INVOICING AND BILLING, CONNECTIONS and DISCOUNTS with the best factoring company in America for you to get paid faster, a NETWORK of highly skilled EXPERTS in the transportation industry, and more!

Azak Logistics is as trucking company and we follow our core values of Teamwork, Growth, and Dedication daily. We are a Veteran owned company that places the team first and welcomes everyone's ideas from the newest employee to our C.E.O. When you choose to become a lessee or be dispatched by Azak Logistics, you have truly chosen to become part of a team.

The trucking business is a Trillion dollar industry and you have chosen the right business at the right time. Here at Azak Logistics we want to grow your profit. We are unlike any other dispatching service that you will find. We don't aim to be the largest dispatching service, but the most customer focused dispatching service. We keep our carrier to employee ratio very small. Our customers enjoy peace of mind, higher profits, and are able to scale their business by adding more trucks. At Azak Logistics we understand the need of our fellow carriers and dispatch your trucks as if they were our own.

Driver and Dispatcher relationships and communication is a huge deal!!! Putting in work on both ends, working as a team, and executing with a sense of purpose can be the difference between thousands of dollars per month.


Providing first class logistics services worldwide.

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